the continued crosses of our haitian brothers and sisters

the world doesn’t care about the people of haiti. they have fallen off the map of our concern. in the usa, the news from afghanistan and the hurricanes that have hit lousiana have trumped the devastation and aftermath in haiti.

it has been about a month since haiti was hit with a massive earthquake– and then hurricane grace dumped ten inches of rain on the relief efforts. it is really difficult to find anything written about how the current situation in haiti.

“Of the 800,000 people estimated to have been affected by the powerful 7.2 magnitude temblor, which damaged or destroyed thousands of homes, schools and churches in three regional departments of southern Haiti, about 400,000 are still in need of some initial assistance. Some have not yet received aid because they live in remote areas. Others still lack access to potable drinking water or need help to return to school because so many schools were destroyed, said Bruno Lemarquis, the U.N.’s resident and humanitarian coordinator in Haiti.” ( )

400,000 people have not even received initial help after four weeks! it is impossible to imagine how many stories of people’s suffering are not told…

and here are the current numbers as of september 3rd


Earthquake-related Deaths Reported in Haiti


Estimated Number of Earthquake-related Injuries in Haiti


Estimated Number of Houses Damaged or Destroyed


People Requiring Humanitarian Assistance

for you who want a deeper dive in info:

here is what i wrote in august…

so there. i do not know what more to write today other than i continue to cry for people living through their silent suffering whom i do not even know.

after the devastating 2010 earthquake in haiti where close to 300,000 people died and three million people– one third of the country– were affected, this prayer was offered by thomas c. fox; so i close by offering it again:

God of all creation, as we weep with our family in Haiti, console us.
In this time of crisis, open our eyes to look beyond the disaster
to see Christ in our brothers and sisters in Haiti, as Christ sees us.
Be with us as we stand in solidarity with those living and working in Haiti.
Be with us in our mourning and guide our efforts to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the grieving and stand for justice.
With your mercy, sustain us at this time as we continue to work for peace and justice.

For our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti Affected by the Earthquake
Lord, hear our prayer.
For the Haitian people, that help comes to them quickly and comfort comes to those who hurt.
Lord, hear our prayer.
For the lost or buried, that they are found and reunited with their loved ones.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For the relief workers, that they have the tools they need, the courage and the strength to respond fully.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For the families in Haiti and in the United States who are waiting to hear from loved one, that good news comes to them.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For those whose who have perished, may their souls rest with you, oh Lord, where they will find eternal love.


  1. Donna Rodriguez says:

    I stand with you in prayer. Lord please spread your loving arms & continue to remind Haiti they are not alone & have not been forgotten. God bless u all always 🙏😔💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frarthurcmf says:

      thanks donna
      we will keep praying for the Spirit to inspire, lead and guide us all


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