public ministry and my niece val

i did something that i had not done in the three years since moving back to seattle. i had three straight days where i presided masses as a priest!

on friday, i presided a funeral at immaculate conception parish for clinton richardson sr. may he rest in peace and may the Spirit console his family.

on saturday, i presided a wedding mass and witnessed the vows of javier and sandra at st louise parish in bellevue. may they be united in love– especially through the eucharist.

yesterday, i had sunday mass at christ our hope in downtown seattle. the words of the liturgy of the eucharist seep into my heart differently since i preside so few masses these days.

three straight days of public ministry were a real blessing for me. these days were a vivid reminder of my call and desire for public ministry in the future as a catholic priest. only God knows when that might be!

i cannot thank my niece valerie enough for all she does for my mother– her grandmother. not only did val stay with her while i was off to these parishes, but she is my mother’s personal RN. i cannot do the things that val does; i would be lost without her and the care she gives my mother. i can only imagine having the patience that val has in the care she gives her grandmother. i thank God for val!

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