musings: this year’s NBA season is 15 games old

korean dramas and nba basketball are my go-to tv viewing favorites. but after 4:00pm, it is all nba until i turn in. pro hoops brings me great joy in life!

here are my some random thoughts on the 2021 nba season thus far:

the knicks have taken on coach thibs’ defensive mindset. they will win many games this year because of it. they have upgraded tremendously at the guard position by adding fourier and kemba. immanuel quickley has improved on both ends of the floor and will get major minutes and finish games for ny.

my clippers are deep but have major injuries. kawhi’s absence is notable but marcus morris being out huts them too. paul george is a better player when he is the man. when he defers to kawhi when they’re both on the floor, pg13 is not as effective. ty lue is a perfect coach for this team.

tyler herro has improved by leaps and bounds and is a big reason the heat are back in top form in the east. he might be in for a big payday for a team when his initial contract is up.

the most exiting player in the league: ja morant

my favorite rookies so far: jalen green, franz wagner, chris duarte, josh giddy, cade cunningham

the golden state warriors are a very good and unselfish team. and deep. steph curry is having a banner year and is in mvp form. how will they adjust when clay thompson and james wiseman return.

i like how the utah jazz play. rudy gobert defensively holds down the middle better than any center in the league. the balance the jazz has could propel them into the finals.

i like the blazers but if they do not go deep into the playoffs this year, they will blow that team up. we might se damian lillard in another uni next year

i love kyrie and i –and the nets– want him back. his misguided refusal to get vaccinated hurts everyone on different levels. james harden is adjusting to the new rule changes that favor the defense. harden doesn’t have the swagger as before. deferring to KD is part of it too.

my fear: zion williamson’s foot injury will make him 2021’s version of sam bowie

the spurs have a lot of good young players but are inconsistent. good to see rainier beach star dejounte murray constantly improving. it’s time for popovich to retire. his time has come ever since duncan, parker and ginobilli retired

teams i enjoy watching: clippers, knicks, hawks, wizards, grizzlies, lakers, nets, heat, jazz,, blazers, pistons, pacers

the team i enjoy watching lose: the okc blunder. yes, i still grind my teeth when i see them take the court. my nba schadenfruede is strong

oh there is so much more but i should check my email now

enjoy your day and the nba!


  1. Connie Vigil says:

    Korean dramas were my mom’s favorite. She said they always end badly. Basketball was my dad’s favorite! ❤️ Hope you and your mom are doing well! Con

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      great connections con! there is something deep about how koreans translate their embrace of suffering that comes through well in film/tv

      have a graced day con!


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