the labyrinth: a prayerful, meditative walk

providentially, i found a new favorite place in seattle: the labyrinth in front of st mark’s episcopal cathedral on 10th ave. here it is:

the labyrinth is a centuries old catholic devotion and a powerful spiritual exercise. in the middle ages, people walked the labyrinth as a spiritual pilgrimage if they could not go to jerusalem and the holy land.

perhaps someday i will get to see the famous one in notre-dame dechartres cathedral in france. ( ). they say that it took 26 years to build most of it. here it is:

Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral

i can get quite emotional when i walk the labyrinth. for me, it is meditative, walking prayer and grace is born from tears on the walk/journey. the labyrinth’s simplicity is its strength: the path in front of you is traveled step by step. in that moment, nothing else exists but the next step. there is one way to the center and one way back out. my impatience and will for the journey to be different has no effect on path. i just need to walk it one step at a time.

at times, i can forget this lesson of life. my stubborn will often wants my path to be different from what it is. why is it so difficult at times to just put one foot in front of the other?

perhaps that is why when i reach the middle, i feel centered. maybe that is why when i finish the last step and exit the labyrinth i feel peaceful and refreshed. perhaps walking this meditation makes me see the real path that i am on more clearly. maybe that is why i am always more grateful for life, others and faith when i remember these graces and blessings from the Spirit on my life journey.

i have a feeling that i will be visiting this labyrinth at st. marks soon again.

do you have any experience with the labyrinth walk? i hope so…


  1. DC says:

    Can I use this post for a faculty meeting?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frarthurcmf says:

      sure! i hope it is helpful don. please let me know how it goes. i pray for you and all the faculty and administrators


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