seahawks > seagulls > nothing

are they seahawks or seagulls?

as a kid, i cheered for the oakland raiders since we did not have a team in seattle. (even today, i am still part of the raider nation!) but once the seahawks came to town, we were all ramped up as ‘hawk fans. at first, we were excited just to have a team. and the kingdome was LOUD.

but the mediocre/losing seasons were not fun. that’s when were more resembled seagulls. we still loved our ‘gulls though. from 1976-2002, we made the playoffs five times. during those years, 1983 was our best year when we lost to the raiders in the afc championship game.

but starting in 2003 with coach mike holmgren and pete carroll since 2010, the hawks had some very good teams. and three superbowl appearances!

but after last night’s loss to washington on monday night football, i am afraid that the nlf gods are now frowning upon seattle. since russell wilson has been our quarterback, the hawks have been fantastic. with him at the helm, i have always felt that we could win any game. last night, russ even orchestrated at 97 yard drive in the last minute to get us close! the kid is amazing

but even with the great stats, it feels like russ’ . probably for coach carroll too. it feels like an era is passing. i am not a utilitarian when it comes to football. so i would like to keep russell on the team and eventually move him into a backup and then a coaching role while mentoring whoever the new kid at qb will be. russ could be the lenny wilkins of seattle’s nfl scene.

from 2003-2020, we only missed the playoffs four times. we will miss the playoffs this season too. it looks like we are facing the return of the seagulls for a while. i am okay with that. part of me thinks that a lot of newer seahawk fans have become spoiled with the teams success these past years. we have become less patient as culture– sports fans included. the internet “experts” add gas to the various fires, so it is understandable.

but for those of us who had endured the jack patera and chuck knox eras, we have some historical perspective. we are thankful for the great football we have seen. in the back of our minds though, we knew that seagull years would return at some point.

aren’t the raiders hovering around .500? there’s still hope for my secondary team!

i wonder when seattle will see playoff action next. will it be the hawks or mariners? the kraken maybe?

’til then, i’ll still embrace our seattle seagulls! they are better than not having a team as sonics fans can attest. when the sonics return, perhaps we will make the playoffs before the seahawks, mariner and kraken. may the sports gods smile on seattle soon!


  1. Seattle Seagull’s!! 😂

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      seagulls > the dallas cowpies

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