the last days of advent

i love the season of advent. i try to stay in preparation, anticipation and waiting mode during these december weeks prior to the 25th.

on the first day of the “O antiphons” i put up this star:

my folks have had this star since the 1960s and maybe even since the 50s. i have vague memories as a little kid of this star hanging from our window at our old house on andover street. it is our christmas-time tradition.

this morning, i put up my folks’ parol:

so now, like it is every year, i am coming to realize that advent is coming to a close.

<< SIGH>>

i read a good article arguing that gift giving for children is a great thing but among adults gift exchanges ought to cease or at least be minimized/simplified. as the years go on, gift giving is the one thing during this time that gives me great stress: i never know what to give people. and the lack of confidence to do this challenges my own self concept and actually saddens me. just the opposite from what gift giving ought to be, no?

needless to say i totally agree with the article’s main point

well, i will enjoy the two stars for the next couple of days while i attempt to dive deeper into the final days of advent. in the afternoon on the 24th, i will take out the tree, lights and the manger set — sans the infant jesus– from storage. that evening, i will light them up, get out my guitar and sing silent night.

i pray that i will be ready


  1. DC says:

    No need to stress about gifts Fr. Art. Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards are just fine!

    I love this blog of yours and your outlook on God’s world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frarthurcmf says:

      amen to gift cards! thanks for your affirmations

      a joyous last two+ days of advent to you!


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