musings for january 1st+

principles and strategies can frame a consistent lifestyle for food consumption. these more effective than “diets”. these past years, i have been practicing intermittent fasting (IF) as a corrective for another principle for food: ENJOY food! IF served as a bodily “reset”

for me, it has been pretty simple: when i get toward the upper range of my acceptable weight, i do IF. i have long believed that it is about the metabolism– especially through autophagy and ketosis– bodily response that raises our energy levels and makes us vibrant.

i have been happy with my weight for a long while now and have tweaked my exercise regularly. but these past weeks, i have eaten more than usual after 6:00pm. i feel much better when i do not eat at night. these past couple of days, i have hit the metabolic reset with IF.

my question this morning is: what if i did the IF more consistently during the week? instead of a sporadic corrective, what if i practiced it regularly two or three times a week?

as i write this, i recall 2017 in fresno when i did IF three times a week. it was quite fruitful for me. so it should be similar, no? i actually enjoy doing these experiments/shifts and to feel how my body reacts.

so, january 1 would be a natural time to begin this change

amen, alleluia!!

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