a brief NBA rant

this new omicron covid variant has renewed our public vigilance on many levels. of course, we have evolved much in this almost two years. covid fatigue is something that has affected so many. we just want it to go away now

but covid is back with a vengeance. even though there are more cases than ever, thanks be to God that hospitalizations and deaths are not keeping pace. and covid has affected my favorite past-time: following NBA basketball.

generally, i start to memorize the depth charts after the summer draft and summer trades. with 30 teams each with at least 15 signed players, there is a lot to analyze. but now, with the new surge, nine games have been cancelled thus far. as of today, 108 players are in covid protocols. of course, many ten-day players have been brought in to replace the depleted rosters.

i do not have it in me to put much emotional investment in learning these new guys. of course, some of their stories are interesting but i want to see the best hoops on the planet. when over 100 of the best players are out, the league is not the same.


of course i know that on the scale of things, nba basketball has very little significance for our international challenges– covid infections/hospitalizations/deaths being only one among many. but it is one of the joys in my life. so let me selfishly rant a bit.

the nba will do the best it can to minimize these negative effects. they have billions of $$$ to lose if they do not. so i’ll just go with the flow. there’s no other choice. who knows, maybe i will change my mind and get to know some of the new players and rejoice in the recycled players that have returned.

so there ya have it. rant finished.

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