inspiring perseverance

what makes someone endure rejection for ten years? what makes another quit after one bad experience?

as i was doing one of my favorite things in the world the other night– watching the knicks play– micke breen shared this piece on one of the new-temporary-covid replacement players for the okc blunder: scotty hopson.

here is a list of the places that mr hopson has played after college:

2011–2012Kolossos Rodou
2012–2013Hapoel Eilat
2013–2014Anadolu Efes
2014Cleveland Cavaliers
2014Canton Charge
2014–2015Sioux Falls Skyforce
2015Laboral Kutxa
2015Foshan Long Lions
2017Ironi Nahariya
2018Dallas Mavericks
2018–2019Oklahoma City Blue
2019Hapoel Holon
2019–2020New Zealand Breakers
2020Oklahoma City Blue
2020–2021Melbourne United
2021Oklahoma City Blue
2021–presentOklahoma City Thunder

as an nba fan for decades now, i have know and read about thousands of players. never had i heard of someone persevering to break into the league like scotty hopson and his journey. most players at that level might give it a couple of years in other leagues/countries. ten years is unheard of!

breen said at the end of the video that hopson “refuses to let his dream die.” is it the dream or the refusal that makes the difference in perseverance?

in hopson’s own words these factors have played into his ten year journey: wanting to play in the nba since he was five years old; changing his circle of support; an amazement in experiencing other cultures; going with his instincts; and gratitude.

in previous posts, i have been musing about one’s will. is will overrated in changing or continuing with our behavior? or giving up our dreams?

given hopson’s experience, perseverance is not just about one thing such as will. a circle of people who support us, and openness to the wonders that the world offers, our instincts and gratitude were things that enabled his journey too.

i would add inspiration

and today scotty hopson is an inspiration for me

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