my prayer space (part two)

here is my continuation post of my prayer corner at the house. this is the upper part:

at the very top is the Holy Spirit descending from the middle of the cross. the power, movement, and grace that the Spirit gifts us are what sustains and helps sanctify us. the Santo Nino is next to the cross/Spirit. i like the way Jesus’ arms are raised in praise. it is almost as if he is inviting us to hug him.

under the Santo Nino is a statue of our lady of fatima. my 2015 trip to this shrine in portugal was a spiritual renewal for me. to the left is a rosary from the same shrine. although i do not often pray the rosary meditation, when i do it is a powerful experience. just gazing on the rosary here is a blessing for me.

the top right side of this photo is me at the elevation of the eucharist. like at a chapel with the reserve sacrament, this painting brings me the “real presence of Christ” when i gaze upon it. under the painting is an ordination blessings that i received from a dear claretian friend– fr richard wozniak– in 1994. part of the blessing says, “… may God greatly use you for his Glory.” next to the painting is a photo of my family at the wedding of jennier and matthew. like most people, i pray for my family.

under this you can see the top of my alvarez classical guitar. this is the one i play during prayer. the soft tones of nylon strings is perhaps the closest sound to the mini harp of king david in psalm 49: 5.

next to that wedding photo is a papel blessing from my 25th ordination anniversary. my niece valerie and anais gave it to me. part of the blessing states, “…invoking through the intercession of the virgin mary, an abundance of divine graces”

at the far left of this photo is a statue of st michael the archangel. i have had it for a long time now and i admit that i smile when i see that spear driving into the devil’s eye. for me, it is a reminder of God’s ultimate power and a means to deliver us from all evil. st michael was one of st anthony claret’s patron saints so there is a providential claretian connection.

this is at the middle of my prayer space:

the washing of the feet described in john 13 is a key to understand jesus’ love. it is an effect and consequence of the eucharist from that last supper. service to, with, and for others is a core aspect of faith and life. this olive wood statue is from the holy land and it helps me minimize my selfishness. service has taken a new twist in that i with my mother for hours upon end now. my service is primarily to her.

i put a picture of mary’s immaculate heart behind it. this reminds me to serve with a similar heart and not a hard, selfish heart. in my best moments, i remember this aspirational way of my being.

if you read this post, please know that i remember you in my prayer to God this day.

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