the good sam waltz

“go and do likewise” is the final word in jesus’ teaching on love in the parable of the good samaritan (luke 10: 25ff). i have been immersed with pope francis’ encyclical fratelli tutti these past weeks; the good samaritan is at the heart of this teaching about rediscovering what it means to be brother and sister to one another.

i had the good opportunity this past thursday to present my reflections to the lay ministers of the archdiocese of seattle. i had named the final version: the good sam waltz.

here it is without commentary:

i do not aspire to be a TED speaker, but i enjoyed the process of creating this reflection by way of pope francis’ wisdom. for me, love as seen through the good samaritan dances with jesus’ teachings on the washing of feet (john 13) connected to the final judgement (matthew 25: 31ff). sometimes i forget the heart of jesus’ love.

it is also more fruitful to view the major themes of fratelli tutti in this light. i highlight the themes of dignity of the human person, solidarity, the common good, and encounter. these themes really define how we ought to approach francis’ desire that we be a church of synodality.

good samaritan, pray for us as we live the Spirit’s urgings to love in our world

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