random thoughts of my unmotivated self

i have not wanted to stand at my computer to blog lately. i have saved many draft ideas, but they remain undeveloped. so here is a random list of some thoughts–without commentary– that i leave here as a summary of where i stand on may 3rd 2022:

people ask how my mother is doing. i joke that at this rate, she’ll outlive me. maybe it is not a joke?

i have enjoyed working on my spotify song lists lately. another way music is a gift

i’m really looking forward to lucas gabriel’s baptism this month

i’m re-reading the screwtape letters by c.s. lewis and thoughts in solitude by thomas merton. i am 200 pages into arnold swarzenegger’s 600 page autobiography

the final eight teams are battling in the nba playoffs. do i enjoy cheering against teams more than cheering for teams? GO GRIZZLIES!

my mother does not seem like she will be 99 years old in eight days!

playing the bass is fun and more instinctive for me compared to the guitar

i choose not to spend time gardening since time outside the house is too precious for me. i embrace weeds

i really miss living in claretian community. it is truly a brotherhood and style of life to which i am called

i like drumming with my mom. i also like the gibberish songs that my mom we sing– they make her smile. me too

the mariners have started the season well. but too many years of playoff drought have lowered my expectations (permanently?). and how many mariners caps do i really need?

God has blessed me with wonderful friends!

i used to walk to first grade with my friend ted schmidt. my heart aches for him right now as he lost his sister a few weeks ago and his mother last week

as i dream about a sabbatical after my seattle stint, i think a combination of visiting national parks and (jesuit and benedictine) retreat houses sounds heavenly. the claretian “forge” program in spain is possible too

mornings are my favorite time of the day. to do the most important things without interruption and quiet puttering are gifts

i look forward to the day the sonics return to seattle. i’ll be pissed though because the tickets will be outrageously expensive. i have not been to a game since 2014 in chicago

i wish more catholics would see the church’s social teachings as our way of loving our neighbors in the world

i’m watching a korean drama on netflix called “thirty nine.” i cry during every episode

reading high level church documents like our claretian general chapter and the fratelli tutti encyclical really gets my blood flowing. at heart, i am an idealist

most popular responses to address people experiencing homelessness are not even good bandaids– and seattle is probably one of the cities trying to be compassionate in what they do. structural problems are truly challenging because of the shortsightedness of us humans

i like chuck taylor converse so much that i want to be buried in my favorite pair! but i think it best that i be cremated– with those cons

what percentage of christians believe in their heart of hearts that they are unconditionally loved my God?

black tea in the morning is the best

i have joked that i don’t trust a person who cannot drop a good F-bomb when needed. cussing can be both cathartic and effective when the right situations arise

spam– the food– is terribly underrated in the world

i need a new workout routine as my current sets are getting stale

oaxacan tamales are the best!

living a half a mile from kubota garden has been a lifesaver for me these years. i have some hidden spots there that share great tree energy

i want to do more hiking but time is scarce

gotta go– time to pray

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