podcasting into the future?

rosendo urrabazo stayed with me and my mother the past couple of days. he is the provincial for our usa-canada province of claretian missionaries. his visit was a true blessing.

we talked about many things: the challenges of caring for my mother, current happenings in ministry and community, his experiences in leadership, travel, our upcoming claretian assembly and chapter, spanish-speaking church movements, food, theology, our families/history, bruce lee and jimmy hendrix; technological tools and a lot more!

we also talked about future ministry possibilities for me after caregiving for my mother is done. do i have another parish ministerial stint in me? might the time be ripe for me to work in restorative justice (jail/prison) ministry? is leadership development or community organizing in the spanish speaking communities possible?

rosendo asked me to discern a couple of things: mentoring a new pastor and podcasting my caregiving experiences.

i enjoy parish work– but NOT as a pastor. rosendo liked my idea about being in a parish and accompanying a new pastor. mentoring is part of my skill set. what does it mean to “mentor” in today’s world of ministry?

i have enjoyed writing these musings and conjectures about life in general. the posts have helped me on a personal level. tangentially, i have shared some of my experiences at home with my 99 year old mother. rosendo thinks that many people would be interested in such a blog about my first hand experiences.

for me, is a specific caregiving podcast the evolution of the written blog?

if you are reading this, what do you think about a podcast regarding my care-giving experiences with my mother?

“the Spirit is a movin’…”

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