1. Becca says:

    Loved the little embers today!
    Have a blessed day and big hugs to your mama Sol and you!
    We are here in Puerto Peñasco Mexico for a month .
    Tomorrow we are traveling from park to park and sharing sandwiches, cookies and waters with any kiddos we find.
    Interesting fact, the people who own the bnb we stay in are Jahovah witnesses.
    They are lovely people and very faithful to their mission.
    They are extremely excepting of our religious candle, our daily rosary in the common area and our new beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe we have been searching for for two years for just the right one to complete our prayer/altar area in our home.
    Our daily utube of Fr. mike Schmitz and the catechism in a year has been awesome to have down here as well as “no news”
    We are off to the beach with our Mexican street dog Carlo. We play and enjoy the wonderful sea of Cortez and also bring a trash bag 🤷‍♀️😉 so it can stay beautiful.
    Peace, light and love to your household today!
    I am so glad Sol received our moose wish you a happy birthday card!
    The pod casts are great! Good job Fr. Rosendo for tasking you this lovely mission .


    1. thanks for the update becca. it sounds like you are living a blessed, grace resurrection life. i am sure that there are still crosses along the way…

      i pray the Lord continue to use you as instruments of love through simple sandwiches and that that love be returned to you 110 times over!


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