shooting baskets on the emerson elementary playground in 3rd grade during recess was the start. i’ve been hooked on hoops every since. in 4th grade was the first time on a real team: st pauls CYO 4th/5th graders. i was on the second team, the bandits. paul mirante was the coach. he taught us the drills for passing dribbling defense, the three man weave, pick and roll, give and go… and the value of repetition of it all.

at that time, i started watching the sonics. my favorite player, by far, was slick watts

my fav sonic slick watts driving on jo jo white of the celtics. n.b. the pro keds they are rocking!

Watching pro basketball has ALWAYS brought me joy. and brings me more joy now!

as of march 12, all nba games have been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. ARRRGGG on so many different levels!!

more to come…