beauty shows herself through the arts. music has a special place in our world because we need this gift often. music touches our hearts in ways that no other medium or arts can.

my friend fr joe daries cmf, God rest his soul, had an amazing photographic memory. he loved music. in the car one day, the radio played a classical song (which i have now forgotten what it was). but joe said, “i love this piece… listen, the oboes are coming up… now listen for the violins…” the smile on his face with his eyes closed was heavenly bliss. joe knew many things in various disciplines, but to experience beauty is what made him alive!

for me, i like to listen to soul/r&b; when i want to dance and bop my head, i like 70s funk. these genres always put me in a good mood.

when i play my guitar, i generally play liturgical music. songs to God and about God are the highest level of sentiment for me.

music is a gift given by God to the world. how do you enjoy this gift?