“do not let us fall in temptation”

this is the english translation that pope francis had proposed last summer to amend the “our father” prayer. God does not “lead us not into temptation” but helps us not fall when we are tempted. in the context of the Lord’s prayer, we might be tempted NOT to participate in that for which we pray: not respecting God’s name as holy; not wanting God’s kingdom; not doing God’s will; not trusting God provides for our daily bread; not forgiving as we have been forgiven.

we are tempted NOT to love others. we are tempted not to care. we are tempted not to act in self giving ways. we are tempted to be selfish. temptation gets us off the right relational path with God and one another.

in the usa, we can see primarily our sins as individual. indeed we all sin individually. rarely will we view sin as some that WE do collectively. but that is what WE pray for when we say the Lord’s prayer: that we do these things together and that we receive blessings together. Jesus prayer is about US; WE do these desires of the heart together. we bring our individual sins to our relationships and our connection with others can help us to sin collectively– we sin together and we make it easier for others, and myself, to not love.

in jesus’ temptation from the devil in the wilderness we can see how our world still tempts us not to trust ultimately in God but to depend on our own wealth and power. when we do this, we give evil the power in our lives. how often does this happen because and through my connection with others? do i realize how others in various groups affect me NOT to act in love?

do i accept without reflection what people in my own race or culture say is right/wrong? do i just follow along with what my political party says to do? do i stay quiet at work or at home when i see something wrong in order to keep the peace with my coworkers or in my family?

when i pray “do not let us fall in temptation”, i am praying for God to help us resist the social sin among us. we pray that we may choose love instead of what harms others and my relationship with them.

in our catholic faith, the social teachings of the church ( http://usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catholic-social-teaching/index.cfm ) aid us in this common desire. and we need all the help we can get!

“do not let us fall in temptation” are dangerous words to say. but they bring us life and help us to love more authentically. WE not just I; US not just me.

the mariners

i have been a mariners fan since they came to seattle. in fact, dad brought me to the second game ever– in the kingdome. he also brought me to pilots games at the old sicks stadium where the rainiers used to play.

in the kingdome, i still remember walking through the tunnel onto the third base side and seeing the field for the first time. it didn’t matter that it was astroturf. this was our team! my favorites were julio cruz and enrique romo

i hope that we aren’t too abysmal this coming season. m’s fans have learned to have lowered expectations these past years…

The Heart of Mary

We Claretian Missionaries are formally named “Sons of the Heart of Mary” (Cordis Mariae Filius = C.M.F.). The various pietas always tug at my heart. Mary’s heart was pierced with a sword as she watched her son Jesus suffer and die on the cross. How many mothers in the world have indescribable pain because their children suffer?

Let us pray for healing grace for these women and their children.


We all need good metaphors for heaven. For me, it’s the NBA.

Watching pro basketball has ALWAYS brought me joy since I was 8 years old.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks affirmed this thought in an interview:

“One of the best parts of owning the Mavs is prior to a home game, I’ll get out on the court and shoot before the guys come out to warm up. I’ll just get shots up for an hour and that feeling… That’s where I get my ultimate peace. When the ball is going through the net (hopefully) and I’m raining down threes, the jumpers are falling, and it’s nothing but net, to me, that’s the most calming time ever. That kind of balances me out, getting shots up. And being able to do it on the court of the American Airlines Center is just the ultimate treat and pleasure.”

I think I speak for everyone reading this: You’re living our dream!

MC: I’m living my dream too, trust me!